Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raining today...hard...

Hello again:

The picture here are the new uniforms for the Chinese army, modeled by a model.

It is raining here today, very hard at times. I got wet going shopping today.

I bought some coffee beans at Costco today. I ground the beans myself, and I have it here with me now. It sure makes the room smell so very good.

I have someone who reads my blog in Salem Oregon that comes from Holy Names nuns. I did not think there were any more Holy Names nuns in Salem. I had two aunts, sisters of father, who were Holy Name nuns. One tried to claim my recovery was based on prayers to the founder of the Holy Name Society. I was contacted by a representative of the nuns after getting out of the hospital but I did not follow up on it as I don't have any faith anymore.

I do not believe, that is, I have no faith at all anymore. I don't believe in god, whomever she is. I certainly believe nothing written in the Old or New Testament. I try to go to Mass occasionally but my lack of faith prevents me from getting anything useful from attending the Mass.

After my release from Salem Hospital, at which time I could start to remember by then, the doctor came in to tell me he was releasing me. He said he could not understand how well I recovered. As far as he was concerned, it was a miracle in his mind that I recovered so well.

Two weeks later, up on my release from Salem General Hospital Rehab Clinic, the doctor there told me my recovery there was a miracle in his mind. There is no way, he told, I could recover and leave after only two weeks there. No one, he told me, spent such little time in the rehab unit.

So, two miracles about my recovery in 1992. And me with such little faith now....


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