Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day and rain, what a mixture...


This picture is the second on in the identity theft pictures from Bill in Eugene.

I fell down this morning on the back porch, hitting my chest against the cement stairs. I do not feel anything yet, but later today I assume my chest will be hurting. I slipped in the mud near the bottom of the stairs.

I tried to put Ray's poem on the Kindle page today and put a price of zero on it, but the page kept telling me I had to put at least $.99 on it. I wrote three emails to Amazon DTP support to ask why I could not put it on there for free. I was told using Digital Text Platform, I had to put a price on it. But, I told them, I see thousands of free books on the Kindle page. How do those books get on there for free and I cannot get mine, as a publisher, on there for free. Three responses and still no satisfactory answer from them yet. Amazon said they are working on getting DTP to accept free books but not yet.

So now you know what I have been doing all morning here.

My quest continues this afternoon as well.


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