Sunday, February 7, 2010

a 24 Day here

Hi again:

Today I am watching the sixth season of 24 from two years ago. I will watch it all day. You will watch football--I will watch DVDs all day today.

I still have some of last Sunday's paper to read yet. So I will not continue buying the Sunday paper if I don't finish it. I can get the news from my computer. I check The New York Times website and The Oregonian's website for my news as well as NPR. No need for the daily or Sunday newspaper.

I am sure this what newspapers fear these days, people not buying newspapers anymore and instead getting news from other sources.

My dad just brought me two breakfasts from the Shaw Parrish. It sure is good.

The picture here from from Hubble.

Have fun watching the football game. I will see the final score on MSN.


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