Friday, January 1, 2010

1st Day with 364 days to follow...

Good morning:

The picture here shows a light streak, caused by something I don't know.

I welcomed in the New Year last night with a big glass of Johnny Walker Red over ice. I drink blended scotch over ice; I drink single malt scotch "neat", that is, with no ice.

It rained all day yesterday, preventing me from riding my bike to Safeway. It is not raining this morning but I don't know if Safeway is open here today.

I am recording the Rose Bowl today. This way I can watch it again if the Ducks destroy the Buckeyes, like I believe they will.

In 1995 I watched the Rose Parade live. I was never a fan of parades but I loved to see it live. I may watch a few minutes of the parade today to see how it appears on TV versus seeing it live.

I dreamed last night I was in high school at Regis again. But this time I had my Kindle and I was wondering if high school texts could be downloaded to the Kindle so I would not have to get the books there. The school was not starting and I was pressing on when to pay tuition and when classes start. Dreams, I have said before, are "fractured fairytales." (Remember where that statement came from????? Rocky and Bullwinkle.....)

Go Ducks.


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