Friday, January 22, 2010



The picture here is another actress from Avatar. You may remember her from Lost. She was a new character on Lost but then she was killed off after she got a DUII in Hawaii, where the show was filmed.

Amazon announced today that it will raise the amount it pays authors from 35% to 70%, starting June 30. Probably due to the upcoming release, on January 27, of the Apple Tablet. Amazon wants authors to publish books on the Kindle page.

If you have a book you wrote and do not know where to publish it, I started Steven Schwindt Publishing, a company that helps individuals publish on books on the Kindle. I have published 3 books on the Kindle so far.

It costs you nothing to publish on the Kindle page. My rates for transferring the books is very reasonable, free for the most part. I will publish your book for free, again to let me gain the experience of publishing on the Kindle page. It is learning curve for me. The third book was very easy compared to the problems I encountered with the first book. Write me if this interests you.

Amazon publishes books in the .azw format. This format can be read only on the Kindle ebook reader, not any other ebook reader. At CES, the Comuputer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas there were at least six new ebook readers. None can read the .azw format books.

There are 3 million Kindles out in the U.S. now. By this year's end, there will be 10 million. The Kindle has been the best selling item on the Amazon page for the past month.

People who have Kindles want Amazon to publish in the .epub format, a format that all ebook readers can download.

All of this sort of "inside baseball" of interest to me but not to any others.

I do hope you have a good weekend.


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