Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Onlne problems here


The picture here is a map of the U.S. drawn up by James Fallows of The Atlantic magazine. I do not know if you can enlarge it, but he drew the map to shows states of equal population. Our Oregon is now known as Willamette, but encompasses the southern part of Washington and northern California. He gave other states names that reflected the area from which he drew up.

I had to get a new modem yesterday from the phone company because the old one kept kicking me off line all weekend.

The modem came with instructions but they do not seem to work. I checked other laptops in this household and found out under Tools, Internet Options and Connections, nothing shows up in the box and the NEVER CALL box is checked. I first tried it with Dial Broadband, but then my computer kept trying to call the modem and that did not work. So now Broadband Connection is the box under TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/CONNECTION but the NEVER CALL box is checked. I seem to get online in this way but only for a short time only, then I am kicked off again.

I may have to call Tech Support at WVI (Willamette Valley Internet) to see what those guys say.

I hope your week goes well.


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