Thursday, January 28, 2010

H here today

Hi again:

This picture is shows a wave that froze on Lake Michigan. Strange picture. The blue part of picture is the frozen wave.

We are editing a part of Raymond Geraths' epic poems. He wrote three epic poems during his long life (he died at age 91). The poems are called Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. We are working on Redemption, a 54 page hand-written poem. I spent over 5 hours a few months ago trying to type it out. I got 20 pages typed during that five-hour period. We are editing 14 pages of this poem to put in the Kindle page as a free item.

Putting it free on the Kindle is a good advertising tactic, to promote our other book of poems of Ray's we have on the Kindle page. The long free poem will go viral on various sites that we do not have access to in our efforts.

When typing part of the poem I had trouble with his handwriting; this is the reason why it took so long to type up just 20 pages of it. I left many blanks in my typing so Nolan is reviewing what I typed, comparing it to the original. We need to make a copy of the original and work from the copy not the original.

We plan to put all three long poems on the Kindle after June 30. Why that date? After that date Amazon will start paying authors 70% of the selling price. Right now, Amazon pays 35%. The 70% figure will be 70% minus 6 cents as a delivery fee.

The weekend is coming...cracking walnuts is in my future for the weekend.


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