Thursday, January 7, 2010

More on the game...

Hi again:

I should tell you more about the Harvard vs. Yale game from 1968. The title of the movie is Harvard Beats Yale 29-29. With 1:42 left in the game Yale was ahead by 16 points. At 0:46 seconds Harvard scores a touchdown and converts two points. An onside kick is successful because Yale had no on-side kick strategy. Harvard recovers the kick and scores a touchdown on the last play of the game, scoring a touchdown with no time left on the clock. Again Harvard scores two points to "beat" Yale 29-29.

The movie interviews many of the players in that game, including Tommy Lee Jones. All are older than me now but it is amazing how many Yale players tell the interviewer they "lost" the game.

The picture here is on the Navi in Avatar. Each is over seven feet tall with a tail. I am checking with Amazon later this evening to see if I can find the Navi for Dummies shown in the movie.

This is the rest of the story, or so it goes....


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