Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday morning

Good morning:
How are you on this Sunday morning?
The picture is from Avatar, with Scully trying to rope his banshee. I may go see this movie again as I want to see what I missed.
I am finishing up Vanished by Joseph Finder. I may have read this book before. I know I checked it out of the library soon after arriving back from China but I thought I did not have time to read it as I had so many books at that time. But now I realize I did read the entire book, yet I am just 50 pages from the end.
My next book will be The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry. I may have read this book earlier too, I just don't remember. I used to write reports on every book I wrote so I could check there to see if I read the book. I may have to start a list again of books I read so I don't attempt to re-read books.
If feels good reading fiction again. I have been reading non-fiction books for the past 3 months.
Time to go to Safeway to the Sunday Oregonian.

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