Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend is here...


The picture here is one of the most visited sites in Oregon. I have been there at least four times but never seen it like this, frozen up. Multnomah Falls in the winter.

I am reading The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry. I read all of his other books. He is an excellent writer in his own right.

I listened to the podcast today of the Kindle Chronicles. It is a Friday podcast about the Kindle. Amazon is now seeking different apps for the Kindle. I sent my email address to Kindle to be alerted when they want the app. I want folders on the Kindle but I don't know how to create them. I could do it in the file the Kindle creates when you connect to my computer.

Today and tomorrow will be reading days. I need to put some hours in my books. I have only seven books here to get through in the next two weeks.

I remind you again, if you have written a book I can put it on the Amazon Kindle page. Send it to me as an attachment and I will contact you to start a conversation about getting your book on the Kindle page.


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