Thursday, January 21, 2010

H now

Good morning:

My dad will come later this morning to pick his Kindle. I downloaded 40 books to it plus a few magazine articles. He will be happy to see what I put on his Kindle.

The picture here is the last of the watermelon carvings with a laser cutter.

Now I am contact with Ann-Karin Schwindt from Berlin Germany as well as two women from Argentina with the surname of Schwindt, Mercedes and Lolo. Genealogy is of no interest to me, but all of this contact with other Schwindts' from two different countries.

All of these relatives of mine found me from Facebook.

My dad is now talking that he wants me to go with him to Argentina to visit the Schwindt families there.

I have been trying to figure out the relation between me and Mercedes Schwindt, as an example. Her great-grandfather was Johannes Schwindt, brother to my grandfather, Joseph. My dad is first cousin with Mercedes grandfather. I am second cousin to her father, which makes me second cousin once-removed to Mercedes; or so I believe. Mercedes is only 32 now and cute as can be.

If I am wrong in my relationship tree let me know. Again,

Have a good upcoming weekend.


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