Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last day of the decade????

Happy last day of the year (and decade?):

The picture here is one from Photography as Art series, but it looks like Shanghai China.

I made an apple crisp today, to eat tonight as I celebrate the coming decade alone once again.

I will not watch the ball fall in New York. Instead, I recorded To Kill a Mockingbird a few days ago. It is such a good movie I may watch it as the New Year arrives later tonight.

As I told you yesterday, I am in contact with other Schwindt relations in Argentina. They are in Buesnos Aires, five hours ahead of us here. It is just across the bay from Uruguay, on the east coast of Argentina. My grandfather, Joseph Schwindt went there with his brothers, Georg, Johannes, and Franz to Argentina. He was the only one that left, so I wonder if the other Schwindts there are descendants from the other 3 brothers.

Mecha Schwindt, from there, tells me there are over 600 Schwindt families there in eastern Argentina. My dad is so surprised to hear all of this. He did not know if any Schwindts lived there. Los Schwindt, Mecha Schwindt and Mercedes Schwindt all contacted me on Facebook. I believe one or more of them searched Schwindt on Facebook and found me.

Mercedes tells me her great grandfather was Johannes, but I wonder if it was my grandfather's brother? I wrote her to ask around about that.

I have never been interested in genealogy. Paul Schwindt, my cousin in Portland, put together a history of the Schwindt family starting in the 18th century. Most of my relations on the Schwindt line were born in Saratov Russia, a big city in western Russia. All spoke German.

Enjoy the remainder of the decade.

Happy 2010.


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