Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2nd Hump Day of the Year

Hello again:

I am in the middle of a long week without coffee. This is the fifth day of my fast. It is indeed strange to eat a muffin the morning for breakfast and have with it cold water. I will not make my coffee until Saturday morning.

The picture here one from Avatar. I may go see it again to see what I missed from the first time I saw it. I read yesterday that some people who saw the movie are depressed from seeing
Pandora and realizing that we cannot have a society like that here, one that cares so deeply for their environment and all living things. Plus it would be so neat to be seven feet tall and have a tail, besides being green.

I am connecting with many other Schwindt family members in Argentina. Now one Albert Schwindt became a friend of mine on Facebook. He lives in Switzerland. I do believe they are the descendants of my grandfather's brothers, all of whom went to Argentina in the late 1880's. I am sharing the emails from them in Argentina with my Dad. He is so pleased to find out so many Schwindts in Argentina.

Stay dry this week.


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