Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday morning


This picture is from Germany. I have a couple of friends on Facebook with the surname of Schwindt, but this time in Germany. I have many friends from Argentina with the last name of Schwindt. All of these years I thought the name Schwindt was unique to my immediate family in Oregon. I did not think many people had this name. I certainly was disabused of that idea over the past two months.

On the TV show Sunday Morning on CBS today we learned the microwave oven is 60 years old today. I cannot imagine a day not using a microwave. (a double negative makes it positive???).

Last night, I almost finished The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry. I will finish it this morning as it now a page-turner. I should have finished it last night but I was getting tired so I went to bed with about 75 pages left in the book.

I want to find a book on Winston Churchill that covers the years of World War II and beyond. William Manchester wrote two volumes of his three volume biography of Churchill but has been too sick to finish the the third volume of The Last Lion. His second volume of the biography ended as World War II started.

Stay dry today.


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