Friday, January 15, 2010

The Last Day of My Fast

Hi again:

This is the final day of my coffee fast. I was tempted mightily today about making coffee, but decided against it.

I spent the last three hours trying to get the personal security virus off my computer. I downloaded three different virus killers this morning. None worked because nothing will download to my desktop. If I download it to My Documents it does not work; I cannot open it. If I download it to my flash drive; I cannot open it.

The correction is a two-step process. One, use rkill to stop the virus from its operation. Once that ends, step two comes with the virus killer program. But I cannot get step one to work, to open to do its work. Apparently the virus prevents me from doing it.

I am at a loss how to fix my computer. If any reader of this blog has any suggestions, please do let me know.

The picture here is one of Bill from Stayton Photography as Art series.

Back to computer work.


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