Monday, January 11, 2010

Good morning


This picture is an iceberg on Lake Michigan. The strips come when the iceberg turns over in the water and picks up algae which freezes on the ice. Bill from Eugene sent me an email with a few pictures of icebergs on Lake Michigan. I will post a few here in the next few days.

Yesterday was a 24 day. I watched the fourth season yesterday. I have not watched that season. I got seven hours finished.

I have the fifth season of 24 here and the sixth season waiting for me at the library. Each episode is 42 minutes long, meaning there are 18 minutes of commercials in it. I remember back to the days of my VCR. I taped every episode every week during the first three seasons. By the end of the season I had dozens of videotapes.

Assuming I get through these DVDs I will record the new season on my DVR.

Hope your week goes well.


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