Tuesday, January 5, 2010

got wet today...

Hi again:

I got wet today. I rode my bike to the library when it was not raining, but was raining hard when I decided to leave the library. So my pants are wet and as is my flannel shirt. (interesting dichotomy: when we refer to pants a person wears, it is always plural, but my flannel shirt is always singular--if you think this is hard to understand, try teaching Chinese students about these special rules about English.)

The picture here is from Bill's Photography as Art series. Shows some colorful houses on a cliff.

I picked up nine books from the library today. I don't know where I find the recommendations for some of the books I do reserve for myself. I told myself I was not going to reserve so many books but listening to stories both on TV and on NPR, it is too easy to find the book being talked about. With a regional library here it is so easy to get new books here.

Speaking of regional libraries has Eugene voted on for a regional library yet?

I also picked up 2 DVD sets of 24. I missed two years when I was in China, so I will watch Series 5 and Series 6 of 24 this week.

I found a recipe for crunchy french toast. I tried it. The recipe called for heavy cream and half and half, but I used my regular french toast recipe of 2 eggs and a cup of cold milk. I crunched up corn flakes and fried my french toast. It was good, but I need to get some white bread instead of 5 Seed bread I usually use.

Hope you have a good week.


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