Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, Monday...

These pictures are from my friend Bill in Eugene. He sends some most interesting pictures. These were all cut with a laser cutter. The top one is a watermelon and the two bottom ones are egg shells.
I am near the end of Flash Forward, the 1999 book that is the basis of the TV show. Do you watch this show? It is not one now, but will probably come back after the Winter Olympics, which I do not plan to watch at all.
The difference between the book and TV show is that the book takes place mostly in CERN in Switzerland. The TV show takes place at FBI headquarters in Washington and LA. Only a few facts from the book make it into the TV show. A suicide, a website for people to write about their visions on it. In the book, also, the vision is 2030, a long time from now, whereas the TV show the vision takes place next April.
I do hope your week goes well.

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