Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy, happy and HAPPY...


As you know I am so happy now. After three days of suffering with a virus on my computer that prevented me from opening many of the programs on my computer. It is amazing, however, that some thoughts come out of the blue. the correction came to my mind. Now my computer is virus-free.

Watch out for the Personal Security virus. It does not come in an email. It comes in a pop-up (even if you, like me, had the pop-ups turned off). It asks you if you want to continue to protect your computer. With a name like Personal Security, it tricks you into saying "yes."

The picture here another picture of the actress in Avatar.

My coffee fast has ended. A week without coffee. I never did that before.

Not nearly as bad as giving up chocolate for Lent. I did this twice. The first time I gave up chocolate for Lent, I was quite surprised how much I ate chocolate once I gave it up. After about four days without chocolate, my hands shaked as I reached for things. But I also discovered other desserts that were not chocolate. When I was working in Eugene, giving up chocolate for Lent I discovered marionberry ice cream at Prince Pucklers. It was like eating cold is so good.

Even though I lost my faith some years ago, I still use Lent as period of time. It is not 40 days, but 47 days...I discovered the first time I gave up chocolate. Those nuns lied to us when they told us in grade school that Lent last 40 days and 40 nights.

I have not read all of the papers from last Sunday so I will not get today's Oregonian. I will read it in a few days at the library.


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