Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Good morning:
It is Christmas Eve even though Christ was not born this time of year. The early Church took over a pagan holiday on Dec. 25 to get people away from the pagan celebration. We have no idea what month of the year he was born.
I watched a four hour program on Frontline last week and this week called From Jesus to Christ. It showed me I was so right to believe only what is written in whomever wrote Mark (we don't know who wrote the four gospels: It certainly was not Mark, nor Luke, nor Matthew, nor John) is the one to sort of believe. This writer wrote about 60 years after Christ died. It ends with an empty grave. Whomever wrote Matthew wrote next. Then came Luke; whomever wrote Luke wrote the gospel as part one and the Acts of the Apostles as part two; John wrote his gospel about 100 years after Christ died. Who can believe anything he wrote.
We either believe the ancient writers wrote the literal truth and we are smart enough to realize it is allegorical or we believe the ancient writers wrote the allegorical stories and we are so dumb to believe that the writings are to be taken literally. I believe the latter one, we are so dumb to read the gospels as the literal truth. Mark ends with an empty tomb. Nothing else. (if you read whomever wrote Mark, he did not write the last chapter in the book. All experts agree on this).
This rant is on the belief Jesus was born this time of year. We don't know what month he was born but it certainly was not in winter.
This morning I lost my coffee cup around here, somewhere between the kitchen and my office here at home. I still cannot find it after six searches.
The picture here is the battery pack in the Nissan Leaf, the new electric car from that company. It has 48 lithium ion batteries in it. It gets between 100 and 150 miles between charges. Our cars will have close to 100 lithium ion batteries, giving our cars a much better range than these cars. I saw a presentation online by the sales person telling us the car will sell comparable to a Camry, over $40,000. We will charge between $5,000 and $7,500 to take out your engine and exhaust system and replace it with batteries, a controller, an electric engine, and a charger.
Time to make my peanut butter fudge.

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