Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday here now...


I soon will be heading out to dinner with Connie for a belated celebration of my birthday. My birthdays are no longer important to me so they pass me by every year. I don't care if I have another birthday...

The picture the Telsa Roadster. It lists for $109,000, but you can get a $42,000 discount on this all-electric car. It costs so much because the founder uses cell phone batteries hooked together--6,600 cell phone batteries lumped together. But because he uses so many he needs to put a cooling system throughout the many batteries.

My back remains very tender. I sit on a heating pad every time I sit down. Now that the back spasm is all gone, it appears I tore a muscle in lower back on my left side. It is very sore in just one small area of my back now.

I see the new Michael Crichton book is coming to my library soon. This book was found among his papers after he died so this will be his last book. I read almost everything he wrote while he was live. I look forward to reading to the last book of this author.

My Ducks won last night, making me so very happy. This will be a very great weekend as my Ducks won and the hated Beavs lost. If you watched the game you saw the better team was obviously the Ducks. When the Ducks fell behind I had no doubt they would come to beat them. I do believe the Ducks are the best team in the nation now. They will beat the other OSU in Rose Bowl.

I went to the Rose Bowl in 1995 but I rather doubt I will make to California this year.

Enjoy your cold weekend.


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