Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday after...noon....


It has been raining here all of the time for the past two days. It is indeed good to have a winter storm here to refill the ponds behind the dams here.

The picture here is a country road near the fruit and vegetable stand we went this last summer.

There is little traffic in our small town. We have 7,700 people in Stayton. This was according to the 2000 census here. It will change little according to the 2010 census that is upcoming.

This is a radical change from Shanghai China, where there are 18,000,000 people. There are people outside there 24/7. The traffic is so bad there, it takes 45 minutes to go 4 km every morning. After dropping Wenny off at the subway station, it takes me 10 minutes to travel the same distance back to our apartment there.

Some people think China is now a world power on par with the U. S. Tomorrow I will show you two pictures that contradict this view.

Stay dry and warm.


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