Thursday, December 3, 2009

60 years + 1 day....

Hello again:
I made my fudge and canned 8 quarts of sauerkraut today. I got more sauerkraut than I thought I would. The cabbage stayed in the crock for five weeks, as the temperature went down in the house. Since I do not eat sauerkraut so I cannot taste it to see how it is.
My fudge is very good, but I put the marshmallow cream in last after the chocolate. The next time I will put the marshmallow cream as soon as the milk, sugar and butter are up to temperature. I will add the chocolate as the last item.
The picture here you recognize.
My sauerkraut is in the canner right now. Since I have 8 quarts I am cooking four at a time in the canner.
This is the first batch of fudge I ever made. It is quite good but with small marshmallow pieces inside of it.
I need lids as I have none here. Safeway had none, but Ace Hardware had a small supply.
Not much else happening here except the cooking today.

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