Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mid-week or Hump Day

Hi again:

It is cold this morning, 22 degrees outside when I got up. (That is -5.55 Celsius).

The picture here is from six months ago on the 4th of July.

I may make fudge, freeze it and take it out the next 4th of July. A connection, as it were...

True Blue is such a good book it is hard to put down. I want to sit for hours to finish it in one reading.

I put walnuts in my fudge yesterday. This is the first time I put walnuts or any nuts in my fudge. I did not put nuts in fudge in the past as it takes the place of more chocolate. But I had a lot of walnuts so I added some to the three batches of fudge I made yesterday. It does make it taste better, I must admit.

I may go the 11:00 pm Mass tomorrow, the Christmas Eve Mass here. I don't want to go the 7:00 pm Mass as that is a Children's Mass, quite boring and way too long.

Marry Christmas to all of you.


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