Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tueday

Merry, Mary, Marry Christmas:

How is your Christmas week going? Today was my fudge cooking day. I made 3 batches of chocolate fudge today. Two as gifts and one for me. I had to use butter instead of margarine that the See's Recipe called for. I wonder if it tastes different by using butter. For the first time I added walnuts to my fudge.

Tomorrow I will make peanut butter fudge.

On the 24th I will make a cranberry pie for my dad.

I already make peanut brittle.

I am reading True Blue by David Baldacci. It is a page turner from the first page. I read it in all sorts of places. Today I put a walnut on the fence next door to see if a squirrel would come to get it. I continued to read my book as I watched to see if the critter would come. He never came back for the walnut.

The picture here is the first flight. The new Boeing Dreamliner is longer than the distance of this first flight.

Happy Holidays.


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