Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hi again

The picture here is one of the moon's of Saturn, Iapetus. The light and dark material is ice. It takes 80 earth days for this moon to make one revolution. As it slowly turns the ice surface facing the sun thaws and is blown to the dark area where it freezes again.
I am reading Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. This book was found on his computer, fully completed, after his death earlier this year.
Unlike his other books with strange science, this takes place in 1665. You can tell he did a lot of research for the scenes in the book. Jamaica is held by the English, but other islands are held by Spain. Pirates abound in this area. I am about half way through this book, and like all of his prior books, this one too is a page-turner.
My cranberry pie I made yesterday was so very good, a nice surprise for me. I usually don't like whole cranberries but these add a slight sour taste to the pie. I made this pie in order to test it out as I plan to make it for my dad for Christmas if it turned out alright. It is more than alright, it is quite tasty.
I also made another batch of fudge yesterday. I put in the frig right away. I have not tested it yet to see if it set up.
Today I will make some peanut brittle. Again, I don't care for peanut brittle, but it will be part of the my gift-giving this Christmas.
A week to go until we have Christmas eve. Mary, Marry, Merry Christmas to most of you and Happy Holidays for the people like me.

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