Sunday, December 20, 2009

the start of Christmas week

Hi again:

The picture is what we don't have this year, a potential for a white Christmas. This picture is the backyard of James Fallows place in Washington D.C.

It rained most of the day here today. I rode my bike to Safeway near noon, but got somewhat wet even though I wore a hat. Me in a hat, there is something to behold. I rarely wear hats, so unlike my dad or my kids. I think wearing hats skipped a generation with me and my fellow baby-boomers.

The book Cheap is quite interesting. The author explores all sorts of our efforts to get stuff at below the posted price. In China, negotiating the price is the norm. It is better if you are native Chinese and not a laowai (pronounced "law way"), a foreigner like me.

The part of the book I am reading now is our fascination with outlet malls. Americans travel great distances to save the few dollars at an outlet mall, so much so Americans have travelled from the earth to the moon 44,000 times each year.

The closest outlet malls here are Woodburn and Newport. I have been to both but found little at each place that interest me.

Have a good Christmas week.


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