Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ice and slick

Hello again:

This morning it was so icy out. We had about 2 inches of ice over everything this morning. It has been warming up already, so I do believe the ice is gone.

The picture here is a ring of dark matter in the sky, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Dark matter remains a mystery, although I believe it is what is left over from the Big Bang.

This week I plan to test my recipes. I want to try See's Fudge, a cranberry pie, peanut butter fudge, peanut butter cheese fudge, and Korova Cookies. I may also try some peanut brittle.

Most of this stuff will be gifts for friends and family for Christmas.

I will not eat peanut brittle nor will I eat peanut butter cheese fudge.

Too many good recipes to try.

I will let you know how each comes out.


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