Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spitting snow outside here


The picture here is my college file, an old Olympia box from my college days. You can see from the price on the box that beer back then was $3.95 per case of beer, that is 24 bottles of the beer.

This box holds my college notes and tests. I am surprised, sort of, how smart I was back then. With no computers back then I used a typewriter. It is fun to see the professors correct my typing.

It is starting to snow outside and it is quite cold.

I am about 3/4 finished with Snow Falling on Cedars. It is a very good novel. I can tell from the movie made from the book the movie just touched on the issues of the book. The book is so much better than the movie, something I find with every book that is turned in to a movie.

I bought a yo-yo yesterday, but the cord does not wrap very easily. I found, a few weeks ago, a yo-yo website. The yo-yos for sale there range over $50.00 and up. I paid much less but maybe I need to get a good one. I do miss the one I had in high school. It was a dark green one and I loved it.

I got a message on Facebook from Mecha Schwindt in Argentina. My grandparents went to Argentina in late 19th century but left to come to Oregon in 1907. I found out there are over 600 Schwindt family members in Argentina. My father tell me not only did his parents go to Argentina but also five of my grandfather's brothers and sisters went there too. I posted two messages on a Facebook Wall of Los Schwindt, telling the group who I am, who my grandparents were and when they left Argentina.

I have a picture of my grandparents and three of my aunts and uncles, taken when the family was still in Argentina. I plan to get it put on to a CD then post the picture on the Argentina Schwindt Facebook page. The Schwindts' of Argentina want to know about my family and me.

My dad was quite surprised at what I showed him. I told him to get his passport because we may be heading to Argentina in a few months to visit the Schwindt families there.

Enjoy the snow here.


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