Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It is a Blue Moon month


It is a Blue Moon month. This means we have two full moons in December, one tomorrow and one on December 31. "Once in a blue moon..."

The picture here you will have to click on to enlarge the map. It comes from an expat in Shanghai. Each map is how others see China. One is how Shanghai sees. Another one is from Beijing. Another one is how Hong Kong people see the people of China.

I got this map from an email from James Fallows, an Atlantic writer who sends out a daily email. I like his emails as he spent three years in China, both in Shanghai and Beijing.

I published Ray's poems again today. But after sending a copy to my Kindle I opened what I thought I sent to the Kindle page and I became very upset. I thought I published the wrong copy. So I deleted that copy from my computer, looked up a more recent version of the poems, edited those like they need to be done. I then looked on my Kindle to see what published on Kindle page. I did in fact send the correct one to Amazon. I apparently opened the wrong version on my computer, thinking that is what I was sending to the Kindle page.

Luck was with me as my Kindle copy showed it was the correct one. But I had deleted from my computer. So I had my Kindle open as I corrected an older version of the poems.

The Second Edition will be ready in 48 to 72 hours but I think it will be ready by tomorrow. Once it is available on the Kindle page it is up to me to promote it.


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