Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh, Christmas Day....

Hi on Christmas Day:

After my rant yesterday about the flakiness of this day (early Christians hijacked a pagan holiday and attached the birth of Jesus to this day to keep people away from the pagan holiday).

Remember whomever wrote Mark had no Christmas myth in his account so it never happened. Later gospel writers had to account with claims that Jesus was the child of no known father, the bast...d, so they created the Christmas myths to counter this claim of a fatherless Jesus.

Be like me, I don't believe much what I read in the Bible. Most of it is stories and myths. It bears no relationship to reality. Just wait until you hear what I say about easter. We have no idea how he died and there was no resurrection. Even whomever wrote Mark shows an empty grave, meaning it could be the body was stolen. This is what I believe, no resurrection and no idea how he died.

The picture here shows Haystack Rock in the distance, just south of Seaside.

Happy Holidays to all of you. Or, if you prefer, Marry, Mary, or Merry Christmas.


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