Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold---COLD this Saturday morning


It is very cold here this morning, 15 degrees by our outside temperature. That is -9.5 Celsius. No snow yet, just this bitter cold.

The picture here is the American-born panda heading back to China to live where its parents lived in Sichuan area. Some say it goes back because we owe China so much money for the government bonds it owns from the U.S. Not really, this off-spring was suppose to go back in 1997 but the parties agreed it could stay until now.

I did see panda bears when we visited Hong Kong. I posted pictures of those back in the days when I was in China and this blog was on I will post those pictures next week to remind you of what I posted while in China.

I started Typhoon last night. It is a very good novel. It starts near the time Hong Kong goes back to China as the English 100 year lease expired.

My fudge is so very good but I must limit myself to 3 to 4 pieces per day. I will put on so much weight if I eat more that a day. The problem is, though, I ate 4 pieces already so no more for the rest of today.

Very little BookTV this weekend as the U.S. Senate is in session over this weekend. C-Span2, which has BookTV every weekend also broadcasts the Senate when it is in session.

Stay warm this weekend, a great weekend for me as the Ducks won and the beavs lost. Cannot ask for anything better than that.


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