Friday, December 11, 2009

The cold weather ends soon????


The picture here is from my nephew Richard, showing a sunset he photographed.

Four degrees again this morning upon arising. Today, later, a winter storm hits us with snow, turning to freezing rain, then to traditional rain in the middle of the weekend.

This deep freeze has lasted too long for me. I want ride my bike to the library and store but it has been too cold to get on a bike.

A good weekend to stay inside to read my book this weekend.

A friend sent me the See's Fudge recipe, so I will try making it. I need to go to Safeway to get some ingredients yet to do this.

I found a peanut butter fudge recipe yesterday. But I also found a peanut butter cheese fudge recipe. If I don't want to eat fudge I will make the latter one as you know how much I hate cheese.

The peanut butter fudge recipe uses Velveeta cheese, which I use as bait in Marion Lake. Bait is the only good reason to buy Velveeta cheese.

Stay warm and dry this weekend.


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