Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday morning


It is cold here but only 30 degrees, not the -0- degrees it was last week at this time.

The picture here is Depoe Bay on the east side of the highway.

My See's Fudge did not set up yesterday. I used a recipe a friend sent me. The ingredients are chocolate chips, margarine, 2 eggs and powered sugar. The recipe for See's Fudge I found online also had marshmallow cream and evaporated milk. My recipe did not.

I made peanut butter fudge yesterday. It worked out fine. It is a gift for Christmas so I need to freeze it for a week until Christmas.

Like I said, most of my gifts for others this year is food. A new way for me to give gifts. Canned goods, fudge, pies...

I have been contacted to be a part of clinical study. I will let you know more about it the more I learn about it.

Winter arrives in a week. Hope you are staying dry and warm. Once winter starts the days start getting longer. By Jan 21 we will have 30 minutes more of sunlight than we see now.


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