Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, finally

Good morning:
I see it has been raining during the night here. I am doing wash today, but I cannot hang my clothes outside today.
The pictures here are a couple of old cars from the Jordan dinner last Sunday. The Metropolitan is the strange car, one which I have never seen.
I am going to watch Who Killed the Electric Car tonight. A sequel is coming out very soon called The Revenge of the Electric Car by the same people, obviously, who made the first film.
I was wrong yesterday when I said Mao killed 1,000,000 fellow Chinese. It is more like 10's of millions of Chinese or even 100's of million Chinese. He is the world's worst dictator. The deaths stopped only upon his death in 1976.
I wonder when the Communist party will lose power in China. I know I was surprised to see the Soviet Union fall when it did. I never expected to see it it fall in my lifetime. Hopefully, we might see the the communist party in China fall soon too.
I have the audio of The Lost Symbol now. I will burn my own copies, 17 CDs in that packet. It will take a few hours this weekend to do this. If we go on a long road trip in the next year we can listen to the book.
I do hope you have a good weekend.

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