Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF, again

Hi again:

Something is wrong with this blog page. I cannot add a picture to it. So no picture today.

I made my saurkraut today. I got six quarts to can from my crock today. The cabbage was in the crock for five weeks. I had a friend taste it as I do not like it.

I plan to use the saurkraut as gifts this Christmas. My dad loves it so he will get few quarts.

I got another large cabbge today. I will make another batch of saurkraut and it should be ready the first week in December.

I do not know how to can saurkraut. I just took it from the crock and put it into the jars. My next batch I will use some vinegar and dill to put in the jars. If you know anything about canning saurkraut, please write me to tell me what I did wrong, if anything.

I also made an apple crisp today. It turned out much better than the first time I made it two weeks ago. I used melted butter this time instead of just soft butter that the recipe called for. The topping turned out much better this time.

I restarted my computer thinking it would open this blog would work.

I did try to add a picture but all I see is computer code. We shall see if this works. I will edit it out if no picture appears.


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