Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-week finally...

Now we shall see if putting two pictures on this blog creates no paragraph separation. As you can see from yesterday's blog entry, the paragraphs separated just fine, but with one picture.
The two pictures here are the vegetable and fruit stand about a mile west of Stayton and the acreage across the street. The corn field that is the top picture with what is called "solid sets" sprinkler water lines under the ground. In the past there would be pheasants out there. I am not a hunter of birds, except maybe geese later.
The last part of A Brave Vessel is the author's view of two of the survivors of Sea Village that landed on Bermuda watching a performance of The Tempest, a play written by Shakespeare. The author imagines what each must thought seeing that Shakespeare stole much of their story for his story in the play, including some words used by one of the viewers of the play from the ship.
I am unthawing strawberries to make some strawberry ice cream. The strawberries are frozen now so I will probably make it tomorrow once the strawberries are thawed.
Hope your day goes well.
We shall see if this works, two pictures with paragraph separation.

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