Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi again

Hi again:

The picture here is another picture from the repaired Hubble. This is called the Whirlpool Galaxy and a nearby galaxy. I have many pictures here from the Hubble. Some are so pretty such as this one.

I just don't know why this blog will not separate paragraphs. I can edit it after I post it but no matter what I do it comes out as just one long paragraph. I will try to see if it changes if I use one picture instead of two.

I reading The Brave Vessel I see the people of Jamestown, in 1611 almost abandoned the settlement because of the Long Starvation. The arrival of another ship with the new governor prevented it. But the settlers still raided the two Indian tribes and killed many of them. I just do not understand people killing people who are not like them. But the worst thing the New Americans did was to bring measles and other diseases like that killed most the Indians here from 1608 to the 1800's.

Plus the new Americans killed almost every buffalo they saw, almost getting to it to near extinction.

Hope you are doing well.


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