Friday, October 2, 2009

Freezer Jam made today...

We picked a small cottage cheese container of blackberries a week ago. I froze them and today un-thawed them to make some freezer jam. I got about a quart of blackberry jam in two containers. I used liquid pectin today. I wonder if I should have used powder pectin. The recipe calls for the powder pectin but I mixed the liquid pectin to a cup of water, boiled it and then added it to the berries. I do wonder if it will set up as jam is suppose to do. I am to keep the jars in the house for 24 hours before putting them in the freezer. We shall see what happens to tomorrow when I get up tomorrow morning. Right now the jam is still a liquid. I assume it must cool to set up.

So now I have canned peaches, prunes, applesauce, tomatoes, peach syrup, pears and now jam.

The picture here is an older "Woodie" station wagon I saw drive by me at the Jordan dinner.

I was able to hang some clothes outside today for over eight hours. I noticed my jeans were not drying at all so the jeans went into the dryer. Everything else stayed outside, survived a few showers and ended up mostly dry by the time I took the clothes in after being out there for 8 hours.

Tomorrow I will go the library. One book I have on reserve I will return at the same moment I get it, as I bought it for my Kindle instead. Big books are easier to read there than the three weeks I get to read a 900 page book. The book is Wilderness Warrior by Douglas Brinkley. The book cost my $9.99 for my Kindle. It was higher a week or so ago, but I will always wait until I see the price comes down to $9.99 before buying a book for my Kindle. I do believe the hardcover version of the book costs $32.98.

The only two books I bought for my Kindle were The Lost Symbol and Wilderness Warrior. I probably added six or seven free books in the same time.

I have jury duty on Oct. 13 so I will take my Kindle with me to pass the time there.

Hope you have a good weekend.


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