Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi again and again

Hello again:

I know a another post so quickly after the first one. I did find out my problem why the posting looked different. I had checked the box for the new enhanced editor. Once I checked it back to Old Editor my other page came back. I like this one better for reasons you need not know right now.

We shall see if this works with the paragraph separation under the old editor check.

We went to Salem tonight in order for Nolan to get his glasses fixed. A screw had fallen out of the frame. Costco fixed it for free as that is where he got his glasses.

I started the The Brave Vessel already. Shakespeare was quite the stealer of scenes and stories, according to this author.

My brother Ken is in Oregon now. I will see him later in the week. I have not seen him since 2001. He is staying with my other brother Randy for the next few days, then going to Randy's coast house for few more days. I have two brothers, both younger than me. I have three sons and no daughters. Some day I missed out having sisters or daughters. What do you think?

The picture here is the inside of the Stayton library. The next few pictures will be from the library.


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