Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday morning

Hi again:

The picture here is the fruit and vegetable stand about a mile west of Stayton. This is where I got my prunes, corn and other stuff.

My canned prunes are very good. Not as sweet as my mother made, but excellent nevertheless.

I am watching Sunday Morning on CBS. I record it to get by the commercials. It has longer stories than the daily news programs. I do not watch TV news except on C-Span or MSNBC. But with the latter show I stop live TV for about half an hour so I can speed through the commercials.

My next book I will read is The Year that Changed the World: The Untold Story Behind the Fall of the Berlin Wall by Michael Meyer. This is history we all lived through but I want to find out the details of how it happened. Someday soon I hope we see the same thing happening to the government of China. This is something I wish for but I do not expect to see it happen, maybe in my lifetime.

Have a good Sunday.


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