Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good morning

Hi again:

I tried it with one picture, two pictures and three pictures. So today I will try it NO pictures. I know the pictures are a big draw for this blog but this is just an experiment to see how it works with no pictures.

I made an apple crisp yesterday, but it the top did not turn out right, It tastes very good though. I will try again soon, but this time melt the butter before putting it over the apples. Trying to get soft butter into the other stuff was problematic.

Later this morning I will make strawberry ice cream. My strawberries are ready to go and it will be so good, especially with chocolate sauce on the top of it.

I know, too much sugar, but I don't eat much of it. But in China, very little sugar so that is why I lost 50 pounds during my two years in China.

We shall see how this works.


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