Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hi again


How are you doing these days. Wednesday now.

The picture here the check out desk at our library in Stayton. The library expanded just as I left for China. I did not see the newer library until I returned a year ago September. It is so very beautiful and roomy these days. It has about 20 computers but I never use any of them except the one near the front desk that is for looking only at the library website.

No responses yet from my list earlier this week from the places I listed of places where people read my blog.

Here are a few other places that that regularly read my blog.


Casper, Wyoming.

Auckland N.Z.

Whitter CA.

Queen Creek Arizona.

If you are one from any of these places then please write me to tell me who you are. Write me at

If you are from any of the places from the other list I listed in an earlier post, again please write me.

Time to get some lunch here.


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