Friday, October 9, 2009

Firday here now...

The pictures here are some from our local library. My next set of pictures will show my brother Ken. He lives in Maryland and is here to see his family and friends. Ken is 16 months younger than me.
I opened some of my strawberries last night. I forgot how good my frozen strawberries taste. It has been some years since I ate berries. I have not opened my peaches or my prunes yet.
I bought a bag of apples a few days ago. I will make an apple crisp from a recipe I found on the Amazon blog I get every day on my Kindle. I have enough apples to make it with a few left over that I will make some applesauce too.
I downloaded a few books to my dad's Kindle yesterday, including The Lost Symbol. I am sure he is well into that book by now. He reads books, I do believe, exclusively, on his Kindle. We share a Kindle account, meaning every book I buy from Amazon can be downloaded to his Kindle as well as mine.
I see where President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I was surprised at this selection. But I am sure all of the right wingers are apoplectic at this choice. I do not watch Fox news but I can imagine what those crazies are saying about the choice. But thinking about it, I do not know anyone else the Nobel committee could choose among the world leaders.
Our President must get out of Iraq soon and come up with an exit policy for Afghanistan.
The health care plan coming out of Congress is the worst I have seen. It does nothing to get everyone on health care. It needs to provide Medicare for everyone, getting the insurance companies out of the loop. They provide no service, only an intermediary that takes the bulk of the money and provides nothing in return.
We are now better than China, where there is no health care plan there at all. This why the Chinese save so much of their earnings. There is no social network in China at all. Remember when the Communists provided cradle to grave coverage of services. Now, China is Communist in name only with a government that is one of the most corrupt on earth.
I do wonder when the communist government in China will fall. I was completely surprised when the Soviet Union fell apart. That is something I never expected to see in my lifetime, but then it happened.
I think something in China will happen that we do not expect or can think of right now. It will come from "left field." I will be very happy when I see the communist government falls in China.
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Time for some breakfast.

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