Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good morning on this H

Hi again:
These pictures came from a friend in Eugene who said it "oh crap..." At the end of these pictures was a picture of President Obama's swearing in ceremony. Of course, I do not agree with my friend on these pictures to tie in with the election of our President.
This appears to the only good day this week. I tried to hang clothes outside a few days ago, but the rain came before they got even close to dry. Today I have two towels outside see if these can get dry before the rain starts later today.
I finished the book on the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is an excellent book, telling us the story behind the story. If you are interested in this history then I suggest you get this book (featured in an earlier post, below).
A report on the China growth of 8.9% I do not believe it. You cannot trust any word from the government there.

None of the factories closed last year are open yet. I see no sales here in the U.S. to support such a fast growth rate in China. There is a high speed rail line being built between Beijing and Shanghai. Those workers are funded by the government. 88% of the growth in the country this year comes from government funded projects. It will not hold for the next quarter. Like I told you, the Chinese government lies all of the time. China is not driving growth in the world. I am glad of this.
We went out for pizza last night. I had the best pizza I have eaten last night. It is a beef, bacon and tomato pizza. I usually get one with Canadian bacon and pineapple, but the one I ate last night was much better. I know, a pizza contains cheese, but this the only anomaly in my cheese-hating system. I cannot taste the cheese on a pizza. Everything else with cheese I can taste and hate it.
Have you gotten a swine flu shot yet? I got a regular flu shot last week, but I don't know if I will get a swine flu shot. It seems to affect younger adults and children and not the older folks like me.
With a rainy weekend coming what are your plans?

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