Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello again


How are you doing now? I got sick today, stomach problems. I am better now after a small dinner and two glasses of water.

The picture here I may have shown you before. It is a friend's house about two miles east of here. The color of the trees are quite pretty this time of year.

My poor Dodgers; I was looking forward to an LA/LA World Series, now it appears neither team will make it. Which means I will not be watching the World Series this year if the Yankees and Phils play in it.

The book I am reading about the fall of the Berlin Wall is quite enlightening. In GDR (East Germany) it was a crowd that forced the government. In Poland it was an outside group (Solidarity) that forced the commies out. But in Hungary, it was the government itself, the president and prime minister worked to end communism there. It is interesting to read it all started by the Hungarian government officials when on August 19, 1989 held a party by cutting the fence between Hungary and Austria. Only 600 people from East Germany left at the end of that party. But during the next few weeks over a million GDR people left for West Germany. I have still not gotten to the part of the book where GDR people started tearing down the wall. I highly recommend this book, The Year that Changed the World by Michael Meyer.

Back to reading my book.


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