Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good morning

Hi again:
The pictures here need some explanation. The top picture consists two donuts, cut in half. The bottom picture is what I put on them. Hamburger and bacon. I added katsup and dressing to mine to complete my burger. I added cheese to Nolan's burger. (An aside: I had to wash my hands with two different kinds of soap after touching the cheese.). I saw this on TV and heard about it on NPR. It is suppose to be 1,500 calories. You are suppose to use Krispy Creame donuts but we don't have one close to here, so I got the donuts from Safeway.
I must admit it was OK, but I could not finish mine. I ate about 3/4 of mine. It still is here. I may heat it up to try to eat later today.
I opened a can of my pears. Boy, they are so very good. I did not cut the peelings off the pears and this makes it even better.
I am about half way through The Brave Vessel, a story of ship in 1609 traveling across the Atlantic from England to America. It got caught in a hurricane and had to run the ship aground in Bermuda, an uninhabited island. The shipmates get used to the island, and some want to stay and others want to build a small boat to make it to Virginia. Apparently Shakespeare used this story when he wrote The Tempest. It is a good book and I look forward to finishing it.
I have jury duty on Tuesday. I had jury duty just before I left for China. I even got a forwarded mail in China calling me to jury duty in Marion County. Seems like my name is coming up too often, three times in four years. Counties used to use voter rolls for jurors but now they use driver license records. I plan on taking my Kindle with me when I go there on Tuesday.
Time to get some breakfast.

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