Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Calm before the storm...

Good morning from Stayton:
It is cloudy outside but not raining yet, but the rain is coming.
The pictures here are from Seaside. The bottom picture is the people seeking clams. The top picture is what you can find when the tide is so low, a minus 3.0 feet this day. A great day for clamming and seeing whole sand dollars.
I have not been to the library for a few days. Now I have 9 books waiting for me. Some I will cancel a few of them without reading as I cannot remember why I reserved certain books.
I am almost finished with Crude World. I am surprised at the leaders in the world, once oil is discovered on their land, divert the oil revenue to their own account. The countrymen still stay poor but the situation becomes worse for them as the American oil companies do not follow safety laws or health laws when getting the oil out of the ground. The American oil companies are as much to blame as the corrupt leaders. Greed is the main emotion both the oil companies use and the corrupt leader. Like I said earlier, I don't believe in hell, but there has to be a special place where people like this die. These ultimate capitalists cannot share the afterlife with all of the rest of us.
My next book is Wolf Hall, a tale of Henry VIII and his counselor Thomas Cromwell. This book is almost 600 pages long, so major time every day I will take reading this book.
This Cromwell is not the same one you think of when you see the name Cromwell in England. Thomas loses his life around Henry's fifth wife. Oliver Cromwell was the leader of England during the years of the interregnum.
I am drinking tea this morning instead of coffee. Earl Grey is my favorite tea, so that is my drink today.
Stay dry.

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