Monday, October 26, 2009

Raining today...


It is raining hard right now.

This picture is what we saw the day after Labor Day at Seaside. I saw a large group of people way out there in a very low tide. I did not know what they were doing until we walked out there. These ladies showed us the clams they were digging. They also demonstrated to us how they dug these clams.

Our next trip to the coast, we bought the clam guns and tried it for ourselves. I got two and Connie got 3 of them. We went over there a few more times but the tide was not low enough. The next minus tide is on Dec.31 at 6:06 pm, when it will be -2.1. I think it may be dark by that time as we are going back to Standard Time on Nov. 1. I wish we could have Daylight time all year-around.

Before going clamming again, I am getting a clam shovel to use instead of a clamming gun.

I spent last night reading my book. My TV was off for evening after watching 60 Minutes. At first I did not believe the President could not fraud in Medicare enough to pay for the New Health Care Plan. After seeing the segment on 60 Minutes it looks like the President was right, billions and billions of dollars are going to fraudulent claims.

I hope you can stay dry today.


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