Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday morning

Hi again:

A very good, great weekend. The Ducks won big and the Beavs lost. Cannot ask for a better weekend.

The picture here is called the Cat's Eye Nebula, taken by the repaired Hubble.

I was able to hang clothes outside yesterday, although it did take seven hours for the clothes to dry. I really like to hang my clothes outside rather than use the dryer. In China they have dryers but dryers but no one uses them. We always hang our clothes either outside or in an extra bedroom.

Sunday Morning on CBS today is about Americans being overweight. I think back to my 2 years in China, where I lost almost 50 pounds. I lost 40 pounds during the first 18 months there. I dropped the other 10 pounds because I started running at 5:30 each morning. But the air there is bad, very bad, so exercising outside was problematic.

Today I will finish my second batch of sauerkraut. The brine is now room temperature so later this morning I will cut the cabbage up. I need to get some small mouth lids as I have just small mouth jars left here.

No football for me today. I have not watched an NFL game for over 20 years. Instead I will continue reading my book.


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